Breaking Bad: The Best Show…Ever?

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(Note: If you have never watched an episode of Breaking Bad but plan to at some point, skip this post. There no season 5 spoilers though)

Maureen Ryan:

What’s impressive is not just that Cranston and Gilligan keep finding new places to take the character, but that every step in the progression of the man – from chemistry teacher to meth maker to would-be kingpin – has been absolutely believable. Cranston has made the journey – from the henpecked husband who was working two jobs in Season 1 to the murderer who said, “I won” at the end of Season 4 – not just credible but fascinating. As taut as the narrative has been, it never would have worked without Cranston’s masterful, nuanced performance at the center of it.

That has always been the reason I think this is the best show on television. Walter White’s evolution is absolutely believable. The show is so well written and so well acted that I find it hard to believe that it won’t be considered the best show of this century so far.1

  1. My regular apologies to The Wire which I still haven’t watched []