Deron Williams Is Not the Same Player He Was

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Bill Simmons:

What’s funny is that [Deron] Williams (next five years: $100 million) might be almost as overpaid as [Joe] Johnson (next four years: $89 million). Check out Williams’s résumé without Jerry Sloan — in 67 New Jersey games for two lottery teams, Williams shot 39 percent from the field, 31 percent from 3, and broke all kinds of “bad body language” records (check out this January story). It’s unclear if Williams will ever rekindle his efficient 2008 mojo, when he paced a half-decent Jazz squad to 54 wins, tossed up a 19-11 every night and finished with 51-80-40 shooting percentage splits.

I got torn apart in a bar argument about a month ago for saying that Williams was not a top 5 point guard anymore. Most people said he was still in the top 3, which was ludicrous. If we are making a list of guys I would rank ahead of him or at least consider ranking ahead of him:

  1. Chris Paul (rejuvenated as #1 in LA)
  2. Rajon Rondo (blew up in playoffs, might be a top 10 player now)
  3. Derrick Rose (we are assuming he comes back to his pre-injury level)
  4. Tony Parker (was in the MVP conversation all season)
  5. Russell Westbrook (2nd best player on a Finals team)

You could argue he isn’t even a top 5 point guard at this point.