Lots of Sorkin Calling Cards in The Newsroom

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Maggie Furlong:

Beyond the inner workings of “News Night,” there’s also layers of corporate bureaucracy; soapbox moments ranging from the effects of reality TV to the existence of Bigfoot (seriously); quirky side stories involving flashes of idiocy from otherwise genius characters; and a room full of smart people who are good at their jobs but couldn’t look more bewildered when dealing with personal matters. All of these things are Sorkin calling cards so, to be brutally honest, if they annoy you, every Sorkin show probably will. But give the man some credit with this new twist: Knowing the news before the news people do and then getting to watch the process unfold is fascinating.

I love Sorkin shows, and have loved The Newsroom so far. It’s been exactly what I anticipated and anyone who has liked Sorkin shows in the past knows what they are getting. For everyone else, my guess is that they will either love it or hate it.