MLB Considers Home Run Derby Rule Change After Robinson Cano’s Booing

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Jayson Stark:

The booing of Cano was inspired by his failure to pick Kansas City All-Star Billy Butler for the Derby after pledging earlier this month to include a Royal. Last year’s National League captain, Prince Fielder, received similar treatment in Phoenix for not picking Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton.

So Selig conceded those displays of “hometown loyalty” could spark changes to head off similar outbursts in future Derbies.

The Major League leader in home runs has 27 right now. The Los Angeles Dodgers leading home run guy, Matt Kemp has 12 and hasn’t played since May 30th. Andre Either is 2nd on the team with 10. The New York Mets’ leader is Lucas Duda, who I have never heard of. The Mets by the way, are the home team for next season. The San Diego Padres leader Chase Headley has 8, Giants Buster Posey has 10, Mariners Justin Smoak has 11 and Rays’ Carlos Pena has 13. I am left asking the question, is this really about keeping the hometown team from booing vs. putting a quality product on the field?