NCAA Bowls Will Continue to Reward Futility

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Adam Rittenberg:

Both Delany and Football Bowl Association executive director Wright Waters told in recent weeks that momentum to go from six wins to seven wins has slowed significantly. Waters said that several conferences, after consulting with their ADs and presidents late this spring, didn’t want to reduce the pool of bowl teams by increasing the demands to get there. Major conferences that have recently expanded, such as the SEC and Big 12, have reservations about changing a rule that would send fewer of its teams bowling.

Hooray for mediocrity! Such a dumb rule. Going 6-6 gets you to a bowl, even though most teams play at least 2 slam dunk non-conference games, and sometimes it’s more. The point that it would send less teams bowling is the biggest “duh” ever. What that really means is “we will make less money.”

There were at least 12 teams just in the big six conferences who went bowling with 6 wins last season. Vanderbilt and Mississippi St. both finished 2-6 in conference games. Mississippi St.’s four non-conference wins: perennial FBS bottom feeder Memphis, FCS’ Tennesse-Martin, eventual 3-9 UAB from Conference USA, and WAC champ Lousiana Tech. Don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not about the money.