Not Read to Call Brandon Marshall The Savior

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Robert Mays:

The first play would probably be among the five best plays ever made by a Bears wide receiver. The ball is snapped, Marshall sits down about 10 yards from the line of scrimmage, and then proceeds to break three tackles and outrun every Seahawks defender en route to a 70-yard touchdown.

I have almost been known as a constant pessimist. The Brandon Marshall signing is no exception. I seem to be the only one who doesn’t think this turns the Bears into the 2000s era New England Patriots. My excitement has been very tempered by the (to this point) failure of the Jay Cutler trade to make a significant difference. He had a rocky first season, got hurt in the NFC championship in the 2nd and played only the first 10 games of third. We knew he could be a franchise QB, but to this point I still have anointed him one.

I know Marshall and Cutler have experience together. I know Marshall has put up big numbers and is talented. If he takes us to the promised land I will acknowledge I was wrong, but in the meantime, people are way to excited about one player.