Protecting The Rose Bowl

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Brian Cook on the Big Ten’s Rose Bowl loyalty:

In no way is the system with home games worse for the Rose than this one, except sometimes it hosts semifinals that may or may not have Pac-12 and Big Ten teams in them. Which the Rose hates. This is in fact a worse system for preserving the ancestral heritage of the Rose Bowl so pined for in that infamous teleconference above. With the Rose actively trying to back out of its appointed number of semifinal slots, keeping the Rose “part of the equation” clearly can’t have anything to do with making a path to the national title.

Cook basically debunks the myth that the Rose Bowl was a top priority of anyone when planning the new playoff system, and he does a darn good job of it. It’s hard to see how this makes the Rose Bowl better long term since the odds are slim that it will have a Big Ten vs. Pac 12 champ ever, and most likely won’t have one of each most of the time.