The Matt Forte Deal Is Not What Bears Fans Should Want

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Robert Mays:

Any defense for Angelo begins with the premise that the world for even elite running backs in today’s NFL is a strange one. Shelf lives have never been shorter, and of the two backs who got monster deals last offseason, one is nursing a torn ACL and the other fell off the face of the earth for most of 2011. Still, it’s hard not to be irked by the blatant dismissal of a franchise’s best skill position player in at least 20 years.

I know Mays is a Bears fan, but I don’t agree by his last statement. I am a fan of the Chicago Bears. Whatever makes the team as good as possible is what I want. Committing long term to any running back right now is a bad move. It might work out, but recent history is not on the Bear side. And since the Bears could have franchised Forte twice before committing to him long term, I don’t see why this was a good move, or the lack of move “irked” someone who should only care about the Bears team success.