The White Sox Attendance Problems

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Jim Margalus:

Here’s the problem – when the Sox raise the attendance issue and suggest the Sox fans don’t support them enough, it inspires fans to list reasons why the Sox aren’t worth supporting. For instance, the costs are absurd relative to demand, and dynamic pricing isn’t grounded in reality. The fans aren’t at fault for poor decision-making of previous years. The wounds haven’t healed from the dereliction of duties last year.

I thought about it myself, and realized that the White Sox are one of four teams in all of baseball to never make the postseason in two consecutive years. And only one time have they advanced into October twice over a three-year period … and that happened to set the scene for the Black Sox Scandal.

Really great piece from top to bottom. It’s really absurd to think about how the White Sox don’t make the playoffs more often even though they play in baseballs’ worst division. I personally thought that after the World Series championship we were going to see a new regime, but that didn’t happen. And despite a relatively large payroll, and high ticket price the White Sox just don’t compete regularly enough. Being the #2 team in a two-team city doesn’t help either.