Why Apple Is Making The Mac Harder To Use

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Michael Schechter:

We often talk about the “iOSification” of the Mac operating system. Some argue that Apple’s next release is geared toward making OS X more familiar to the average iOS user. This makes sense when you consider that Apple sold more iOS devices in a year than it sold Macs in 30 years, but one of the biggest benefits to owning a Mac (at least in this geek’s opinion) is the ability to have powerful and ubiquitous software throughout your system. I often complain that this is one of the biggest shortcomings of iOS and I don’t see how bringing the same restriction to OS X is better than finding an intelligent way to make useful software safe for the average user.

Well said. I think this straight sandboxing methodology is lame. I think it over complicates things for more advanced users and I would have liked them to find a different way to reach the same goal.