Rudy and the “Jersey” Scene

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Alan Sepinwall:

First, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why Will kept insisting that the moment in “Rudy” that makes every man cry is the jersey scene — when, from both personal and anecdotal experience, the most emotional part of the movie takes place as the crowd bullies Dan Devine into putting Rudy into the game, and then as his loved ones react to that — until we got to the climactic scene.

I know that it should require me to turn in my “Michigan Wolverine Fan” membership card, but I freakin’ love the movie Rudy. I am sure I have seen it from start to finish in excess of 15 times and partial viewings would push that number probably close to 30 or 40.

But I completely agree with Sepinwall. The scenes that get me are the one where he get’s his acceptance letter and when he runs on the field. The jersey scene is great, but it’s not the scene that makes every guy cry.