FunctionFlip – Reclaim Your Mac’s Function Keys

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Nowadays most Mac-designed keyboards have keys with special functions printed on them (e.g., play/pause, brightness, Dashboard, etc.). In order to use the keys as F1, F2, etc.., the “Function” key must be held down.

David Sparks at MacSparky did a screencast for Mac App Store app Palua that allows a user to toggle whether these keys act as F-number keys or as the key the picture indicates.

This is a nice thought, but I don’t like the “all or nothing” approach. Some of these keys, like volume and brightness, I use all the time. Others I don’t use at all. So for me, it makes much more sense to use FunctionFlip, which let’s a user decide specifically which keys to flip on or off. Once I disabled some of the “picture” keys, I set them up with Keyboard Maestro to have new functionality assigned to them.

Obviously this method isn’t as easy to toggle on or off as Palua, so I suppose it’s a different use case, but I prefer the FunctionFlip method.