Girls and Makeup

Daisy from xojane on girls wearing makeup:

So those are the three reasons I think I tend to have a more low-key beauty regimen, but I’m totally screwed according to a poll of 1000 men taken by

“73 percent of men would prefer their partners to wear make-up at all times – with smokey eyes their favorite look.”

Here is a topic I bet you never thought I would talk about. I would not be one of those 73% if I had voted in a poll. In most cases I don’t like makeup on girls. Maybe in some cases, girls I think are not wearing make out are, and it’s so subtle I can’t tell, but at the end of the day I don’t like it.

But I think there way the poll is worded is key. It talks about “partners”, not prospective partners. I think most guys have a double standard when it comes to women they are after and women they have. I think they want a girl to not wear makeup when they are pursuing them, so they “know what they are getting”. But once they enter a relationship, they want to “show them off”. This is because most guys are shallow and are far too concerned with how their partner makes them look. At least that what’s I assume from a poll result that says that.

I did an informal poll of five guys I know. Counting myself, exactly 0% out of six “prefer our partners to wear makeup at all times”. I also asked what they thought of makeup when it came to girls they weren’t already dating, and they all said that it had no impact. Most of them said they leave it up to their partner to decide how much or at all.

So I don’t know who those guys talked to, but I didn’t get anywhere near the same response.