2002 in Film

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Best of the Best

If these are on, life stops

  1. Super Troopers – Got to be in my all-time top 5. Maybe my favorite comedy of all-time. Still holds up pretty well.
  2. Catch Me If You Can – Leo and Tom Hanks were great in this one. Great period piece. Great score.
  3. The Bourne Identity – The first of the Bourne movies. Matt Damon is very excellent. Not sure if it’s the best of the trilogy, but if not, it’s an amazing table setter.
  4. Red Dragon – Remake of Manhunter, the movie before Silence of the Lambs. Ed Norton is really good in this one. I know it’s wrong, but I might like it just as much as Silence of the Lambs.
  5. Jackass: The Movie – I was a huge fan of the show, have seen all the movies, own the DVDs and more. Really great concept. The movie isn’t anything special relative to the show itself, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love it.


These are movies that I like and still watch if the opportunity arises.

  • Changing Lanes – I am a closet Ben Affleck fan. I know he hasn’t made a ton of great movies, but I enjoy a lot of them. On the other hand I have never been a huge Samuel L. Jackson fan. Interesting battle between them though.
  • Confessions of A Dangerous Mind – George Clooney’s directorial debut. The “sort of” true story of gameshow creator Chuck Barris. Sam Rockwell is great in this one.
  • Knockaround Guys – Barry Pepper is one of those underrated guys in my book. He plays the son of a mob boss in this one, who has to get back a bunch of money his crony (Seth Green) loses.
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Lots of stereotypes in this one, but a lot of them are true. Funny movie.
  • Road to Perdition – Tom Hanks plays a mobster in the 20s. Really good period piece. Solid supporting cast including Daniel Craig and Paul Newman.
  • The Rules of Attraction – Crazy college flick with lots of recognizable faces. The dinner scene with Swoosie Kurtz and the guy who looks like George Michael is one of my all-time favorite scenes.
  • The Sum of All Fears – Another Affleck flick. Another movie in the Jack Ryan series. I like this one a lot.
  • We Were Soldiers – Solid movie about the first battle phases of the Vietnam War. As close to Saving Private Ryan as I think any war movie came since.

Guilty Pleasures

  • 40 Days and 40 Nights – Horrible movie about Josh Hartnett trying to stay abstinent for 40 days. Still hard to look away though.
  • Blue Crush – Girl surfers. That is a suitable excuse at least, right?
  • Hart’s War – A World War II prison camp movie that doesn’t hold a candle to Stalag 17. Some good twists in this one. And Vincent Chase is in it.
  • Mr. Deeds – This one came after Little Nicky and proved Sandler’s peak as comedic star was over. Unfortunately I have seen it many times.
  • One Hour Photo – Robin Williams plays a creepy film kiosk worker who eventually snaps.
  • Orange County – Jack Black makes this one worth watching.
  • The Rookie – Dennis Quaid does a good job portraying real-life pitcher Jim Morris. Baseball movies don’t take a lot to win be over.
  • Stealing Harvard – Jason Lee and Tom Green have some moments in this one. Overall it’s not worth admitting you like.
  • Sweet Home Alabama – Reese Witherspoon is easy to like. This is a very tolerable romantic comedy.
  • The Sweetest Thing – Underrated raunchy female comedy. Christina Applegate, all grown up.
  • Van Wilder – Probably Ryan Reynolds’ breakout role. He has come a long way since. Has some good moments.

List of Shame

Movies that I have not seen

  • Gangs of New York – Absolutely zero excuse for not seeing this one. It has been on my DVR for a long time. Maybe I will watch it tonight.
  • Ice Age – Not really into animated movies. I have heard this one is good.
  • *Men in Black II – Sort of enjoyed the first one, but never saw this one. I feel like I should have at some point.
  • The Pianist – Won three Oscars. But I assume not an easy movie to see. Also, not a cast I love.
  • Slackers – Supposedly a favorite of many people. I like Jason Segel and Laura Prepon so I should watch this. Probably the 2nd most egregious one in this section for someone my age.

Other Films of Note

Films that jumped out at me or have significance that I haven’t seen or don’t have particularly strong feelings for

  • 8 Mile – Enimen’s movie, sort of based on himself. I’ve seen it.
  • Adaptation – Spike Jonze makes weird movies. Chris Cooper his Oscar for this. Nicholas Cage was crazy in this movie, playing identical twins.
  • Ali G Indahouse – Sacha Baron Cohen makes a movie based on his TV show. I never liked him or any of his movies though.
  • Antwone Fisher – One of two movies Denzel has directed. I don’t really know anything else about this one.
  • Austin Powers in Goldmember – The third and final movie in the trilogy. The 2nd might have been the best, so this was a huge letdown.
  • Bend It Like Beckham – Never saw it. The title is quoted all the time.
  • Bowling for Columbine – Michael Moore’s documentary about the 1999 school shooting was interesting to me.
  • Chicago – Based on the play. Lots of stars and awards. I like musicals, but didn’t like this movie.
  • Die Another Day – I have never seen a non-Sean Connery James Bond movie. This one made a lot of money, which they all do.
  • Eight Crazy Nights – An animated Adam Sandler about Hanukkah. Really bad.
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Not my thing.
  • John Q – Good Denzel movie with a great supporting cast. Just didn’t like it enough to make higher lists.
  • K-19: The Widowmaker – Cool submarine movie with Harrison Ford. Not the best, but good.
  • Minority Report – Never liked this movie very much. It might be my indifference regarding Tom Cruise.
  • Panic Room – Never saw this one. Not sure if it should be on list of shame, but I don’t like Jodie Foster.
  • Punch Drunk Love – PT Anderson’s bizarre movie with Adam Sandler in an unusual role. Most people hate how un-Sandler this one is, but it’s really not that bad.
  • Resident Evil – Not my kind of movie.
  • The Scorpion King – The Rock in a spinoff from his first starring role in the 2nd Mummy movie. I loved him as a wrestler, but don’t really like him as an actor.
  • Scooby-Doo – Remake of the classic cartoon starring four big stars of the time as the main characters. Never liked the cartoon.
  • Showtime – Robert DeNiro and Eddie Murphy. Same to think this one was just a cash grab.
  • Signs – Never an M. Night fan. People liked this one.
  • Solaris – Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney. But I don’t like sci-fi movies.
  • Spider-Man – I also don’t like comic book movies for the most part
  • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones – After the horrible first prequel, expectations were low. This was a big step up, but overall it’s hard to figure out how good it really was.
  • The Transporter – Never saw any of these. Just never got me excited.
  • The Time Machine – Based on the H.G. Wells book. Lots of potential. Back when Guy Pearce seemed like a star.
  • Unfaithful – Diane Lane has always done it for me. This movie is a little freaky.
  • A Walk to Remember – My friend and I ruined this movie for two our female friends who dragged us to it. So, so cheesy.
  • Windtalkers – Tried to make it through this movie once. Nicholas Cage is just hard to watch.