The Definition of Pregame Must Not Be Unanimous

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Marcel Mutoni of Slam Magazine on the NBA’s new pregame handshake policy:

The NBA’s No Fun Police is at it again.

The League’s latest rule is that pregame handshakes can’t last longer than 90 seconds. This may not seem like a big deal, but for young teams like the OKC Thunder (who stage an elaborate, amusing pregame routine of hugs and handshakes every night), it sure is annoying.

I couldn’t believe the “outrage” associated with this decision by the NBA. Am I the only one who interprets the word “pre game” as “before the designated start time of the game”? I think it’s ridiculous that players can’t start these rituals 1-3 minutes earlier and still do exactly what they do now. Why does the start of the game have to be delayed just so these shenanigans can take place? Someone explain.