Backblaze Farmed Hard Drives During Global Shortage

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From Andy at the Backblaze Blog:

In late November, Brian was banned from buying drives on Costco’s online store, and Billy was banned from purchasing them at any Costco in the Bay Area. Other Backblaze employees were also asked to leave stores empty handed. Other vendors, along with the seasonal demand from Christmas were rapidly draining supplies. It was time to get creative, again. At an impromptu drive crisis meeting, fueled by stale pizza and good beer, we decided we needed to scale drive farming and the idea of friends and family drive farming was born. Emails and text messages were sent, phones calls were made, Facebook posts were posted, tweets were tweeted, you name it – the call went out to friends and family – buy hard drives and send them to Backblaze, NOW.

A nerdy piece for sure, but pretty incredible how online backup service Backblaze weathered the storm of hard drive price increases. It seems that hard drive prices have come back down since Thailand recovered from the disasters that hit them last year. I haven’t pieced up any hard drives in a while as a result, but I might get back on the wagon soon.