Ben Brooks Clears Up His Priorities

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Ben Brooks:

What I do think needs to change, the thing that I’ve failed to be clear about, is which factor of any given thing is most important to me and therefore the factor that I will be weighting my judgement on something. I hope to be more clear about this than I have been in the past.

This is really important. People ask me all the time if they should get an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Sometimes it’s an Android phone. And every time, my answer is the same, “I can’t tell you what to buy, all I can say is that I like my [whatever device]”.

Things that are important to some people, don’t matter at all to others. I don’t talk on my cell phone much, so call quality isn’t as high on the list of features as other things are. Some people take a lot of pictures with their phones, and therefore the camera is the most important thing. Professional reviewers try their best to circumvent this issue by talking about all the features and rating them independently. But at the end of the day, I really just want to know how it does on the things most important to me. I think Brooks’ new approach is a great one.