Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Love/Hate

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been out for about two weeks, and it’s time to talk a little love/hate. Most of this is small stuff, but that’s all you can truly evaluate in this short of time.


Quick Scoping

Despite rumors to the contrary, quickscoping is alive and well. I don’t understand why they put this in the game since it is nothing more than an annoyance to most people. It’s hard to master, but once you do you are fairly unstoppable since one shot wins almost every time.

Scorestreak Indicator

In the last game, a status indicator for score streaks was finally added. It had little hashmarks that indicated how close you were to your score streaks. This was one of the best additions to the heads up display. This game has a little progress bar, but because of the weird way the score streaks work, it’s really hard to know how close you really are. It would have made a lot more sense to show a countdown with how many points were needed for the next streak. I keep hoping they will change this down the road.

Challenge Indicator and Level Up Sound

These are certainly nitpicking, but the little notifications that popup when you complete a challenge come and go quickly and are easy to miss. Equally easy to miss is the sound effect that happens when you level up. It was once prominent, and now is only easy to hear if the game is in a particularly quiet state. When you level up at the end of gams, it doesn’t seem to ale the sound at all. It was so prominent in past games, it’s sad that it has kind of fallen by the wayside.

Map Voting Includes Previous Map

The first Black Ops introduced more advanced map voting which allowed players to vote for either the “next” map, or replay the one that was just played. The downside to this is that it keeps the variety low. Certain maps, like Hijacked, get played twice almost every single time, and therefore it’s easy for the same handful of maps to be the only ones played in a session. This is one thing Modern Warfare 3 got right, where they instead had two new maps as options instead of replaying the last one.


Multi-Team Games

We had a blast playing 3 vs. 3 vs. 3 at Game-A-Thon and continues to be our mode of choice with just the three of us are on. There were rumors of 4-man teams, or up to 6 teams, but neither of those is live as of now. The downside to this game mode is that it rotates between Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint instead of just being one. Regardless, this is a fun mode that has added another option for game type.

Everything Earns Toward Scorestreaks

Treyarch really took the best from previous games to provide a nice way for Scorestreaks to be earned. They continued the trend of not having score streaks earn more score streaks, but also made it so that not only does almost everything earn points towards score streaks, but it keeps you informed of how many points you just earned. This really allows players to see exactly how they are earning score streaks so they know what to focus on.

Mute All Except Party

This is exactly the kind of “lithe stuff” that is just awesome. There is a quick mute option on the pre-game screen that lets you mute everyone in the game except those players in your party. This use to be a one-by-one thing that I would do whenever I was in game chat. Very good idea.

Keep Attachments Forever

Now that weapons totally level up separate from the player, attachments are unlocked until a weapon is prestiged. This is another incentive to prestige your character since once a weapon is unlocked, all of the attachments don’t have to be continuously unlocked again and again.