College Football – Week 12 Preview

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For the foreseeable future my Saturdays in the fall are consumed by college football. I often include a second, and sometimes third screen in my day, and this year will be no exception. Be that as it may, I figured a good way to preview the college football weekends would be to go through the day and say what I plan to watch on each screen.

BCS Bowl Predictions

Rather than list the handful of unbeaten teams, this week will feature my predictions for BCS Bowls. This is based on the current BCS Standings (“if the season ended today”) and mostly focuses on where the at-large teams will end up. If you want information on how teams end up where, check out the official BCS procedures. Bold teams represent existing tie-ins, basically things I am not guessing.

  • BCS National ChampionshipOregon vs. Kansas State
  • Fiesta Bowl – Notre Dame vs. Florida St.
  • Sugar BowlGeorgia/Alabama vs. Oklahoma
  • Orange BowlClemson/Miami (FL) vs. Rutgers
  • Rose Bowl – Florida vs. Nebraska/Wisconsin

Saturday, November 17th


Main Screen
Florida St. at Maryland (11 am/ESPNU) – Florida St. is one of those top 10 teams no one is talking about. They are currently not even the top team in their division (they lost to Clemson) but still stand a good chance to get an at-large bid especially if they somehow beat Florida at the end of the season.

Second Screen
Iowa at Michigan (11 am/ESPN) – Grasping hard for anything of relevance in the early time slot. Michigan is at least ranked 21st, still has an outside shot at the Big Ten championship, and maybe even an outside chance at an at-large bid if the dominoes fall in the right way.

Third Screen
Seriously…nothing of note


Main Screen
USC at UCLA (2:05 pm/Fox) – The Pac 12 south is on the line here. The winner should pretty much have it wrapped up. Let’s hope for UCLA just so we don’t have to watch USC/Oregon again.

Second Screen
Wake Forest at Notre Dame (2:30 pm/NBC) – Wake Forest is not good, and their best win is at home against 6–4 North Carolina. They have lost to Duke, Maryland and North Carolina State. Notre Dame better not choke this one away, but anything is possible.

Third Screen
Ohio St. at Wisconsin (2:30 pm/ABC or ESPN2) – Ohio St. is presently an underdog according to Las Vegas. When it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. There is something that has to give here. That alone makes this worth watching.


Main Screen
Stanford at Oregon (7 pm/ABC) – Easily the game of the week. Oregon closes the season out with two tough ones, and has to get by Stanford first. A big win here for Oregon should help them put some distance between themselves and Notre Dame.

Second Screen
Kansas St. at Baylor (7 pm/ESPN) – Kansas St’s first game as #1 adds some new pressure. On the road, at night to a high powered offense. This game is no gimme. I still think Kansas State is legit and should pull this one out, but we shall see.

Third Screen
Oklahoma at West Virginia (6 pm/Fox) – With the SEC backlog in the BCS Standings, as long as Oklahoma finishes in the top 14 they are probably almost guaranteed an at-large bid at this point. West Virginia went from Big 12 contender to afterthought, but they can still put up points, so this one could be wild.

Did I miss any games you will be watching?