iPad Mini is the Superior Complementary Device

This post refers to katiefloyd.me

Katie Floyd on the iPad Mini:

For all the ways I use the iPad, I’m starting to wonder if perhaps smaller is better? I can’t think of a single task I do today on my iPad that the iPad mini wouldn’t easily handle. Although the iPad mini is less powerful than my third generation iPad, I don’t use my iPad for anything processor or graphics intensive. A smaller iPad may mean I take it on the go more often and may even be easier to use around the house. The great unknown is physical comfort of using a smaller device. I find using the 9.7” iPad to be fairly comfortable for both browsing and using the on screen keyboard in landscape mode. Until I’ve actually had qualified hands-on experience with the mini, I have no way of knowing whether I’ll find the screen too small for browsing or the keyboard too cramped for everyday typing. Those things worry me.

This was exactly why I wanted an iPad Mini, and her entire post does a great job at encompassing my personal feelings on the iPad Mini. I still think going forward it will not only be the most popular iPad, but most people will find that it’s the perfect sweet spot.

I would say for people who still want to keep a computer around to use regularly, an iPad Mini makes a lot more sense than a full-size iPad. If you are thinking of going primarily iPad, the bigger one might be a better play.