Six Predictions for Call of Duty Black Ops 2

I did this exercise last year for Modern Warfare 3 and my “good predictions” were spot on, but all three of my “bad” predictions were pretty wrong. Let’s see how I do this time.


1. No Quick Scoping + New Ghost Perk Make Game Much Better

These two things go hand in hand, since they mean less sniper rifles. But the new Ghost perk only hides people on UAV when they are moving. It’s unclear exactly how this works. Do you immediately show up when you stop moving, or only after the UAV radar refreshes again? I suspect this is going to make UAVs more popular, and in fact expect to see most people using them, since it will almost be impossible to hide from them. Only time will tell if that’s good or bad.

Quick Scoping is easily the most annoying part of the Infinity Ward iterations of Call of Duty. Basically it allows skilled players to get one shot kills with sniper rifles without really zooming in and targeting someone the correct way. I never understood why they put this in the game. It always seemed like a glitch, but it clearly wasn’t.

2. Multi-Team Games Become Our Norm

One of the new features this year is the expansion of the number of teams in a game from 2 to ?. AC Slater said he saw 6 teams of 3 in one game. Particularly at Game-a-Thon, where there is generally just 3 of us, we could play just ourselves and then we have no one else to play for poor play. This is one of those features that is either going to be really cool or really bad.

3. True “Create a Class” Is The Ultimate Feature

It seems so obvious, but it’s taken until the 9th iteration for someone to try it. Starting this year, creating a class will be more customizable. Meaning that players will have 10 points to distribute the traditional way1 or they can use wild cards to mix it up. If they want no grenades and more attachments, or no primary weapon and extra perks, they can. If anything is going to break the game this year, it will be this. But based on how it seems like they are limiting it I think it will be beneficial. This could be the ultimate feature.


1. Perks

The perks seemed very toned down. More importantly, there do not appear to be pro versions of perks. That takes away some experience points, but also will make the game a little different. Gone is the overpowered Marksman perk that made opposing players’ names show up at greater distances, an absolute staple of mine for Modern Warfare 3. There also appears to be no Sleight of Hand, the quick reload perk. Steady Aim, the increased hip fire accuracy perk is also gone. It appears a lot of these perks have been rolled into weapon attachments. I tend to play a more stealth class, with silencers and perks to hide me from the enemy. This will be a big more tricky for sure.

2. Weird Gun Attachments

I took this one right of of AC Slater’s post. It seems like a lot of perks have been rolled into attachments and that could be good or bad. I worry about things like the Dual Band scope, Millimeter Scanner and Target Finder being too powerful and/or just too annoying. I bet we will be cursing at least one of these things before the end of the first week.

3. Will Scorestreak System Be Too Powerful?

I really enjoyed the system in Modern Warfare 3. It was one of the best innovations they introduced in the last game. The idea being there are a couple of types of score streaks, Assault and Support. It seems this game will reunify them into a single stream, but continue to reward players for things other than just kills. It seems this is even further expanded to include points for things like, teammate kills while your UAV is in the air. Because Ghost no longer hides people from UAV unless they are moving, I expect a lot more people to use UAV. Meaning that good players will use it to get points faster. I worry that we will see too many score streaks this time around. Until we know the exact details of how the points system will work, there is no point in getting ahead of ourselves, but this is one of those features that will either be awesome or horrible.

  1. One primary weapon with two attachments, one secondary weapon with one attachment, one lethal grenade, one tactical grenade and three perks []