The Coaches Poll is Not the Answer

This post refers to

David M. Hale relaying Jimbo Fisher’s opinion on the BCS computer:

Fisher thinks the coaches’ poll is the most accurate way to evaluate teams, suggesting his fellow coaches provide the most knowledge about how teams have actually performed and, he believes, would vote without bias.

“I don’t think writers could do it better than coaches could do because it’s what we do, and we understand the true guts of the business,” Fisher said. “(Coaches) understand the importance of winning. You understand how you win. Coaches understand the grind. Any win is hard.”

Fisher revealed that his own ballot in the coaches’ poll, which he said he spends about two hours per week completing, includes Florida State at No. 4 behind only undefeated Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame.

This is from a week ago or so, but props to Fisher to saying something totally moronic. He spends two hours on his each week. Hows does that work? How does he watch any games there? If he prefers the “eye test”, how does he do it in two hours? If he is just watching highlights or reading recaps and box scores, isn’t that just the human version of what the computers do?

This is why a selection committee will be good, since they will be required to watch a lot of games and not make decisions on 25 ranking spots based on two hours of thinking.