Where The iPad Mini Fits On My Digital Tool Belt

This post refers to techcrunch.com

MG Sielgler with iPad Mini thoughts:

Others I’ve spoken to in the past have argued that carrying around an 11-inch Air and the regular iPad was overkill since they’re nearly identical in size. A few of those people now plan to carry around a combination of the 11-inch Air and the iPad mini. I think that’s a pretty good set up as well given the extremely low total combined weight (almost exactly three pounds — which is less than the 13-inch retina MacBook Pro alone!).

Because of its size, the iPad mini seems like it will be much more complementary than the regular iPad is to pretty much any size MacBook. I suspect we’re going to see a lot of people walking around with some combination of these two devices in the coming year.

Again, a sentiment I fully agree with. I think this is spot on with what we will see, and I personally plan to adopt this setup in the near future.