Ranking the Black Ops 2 Maps

1. Slums

Previously: 2nd
Reminds me of…Bootleg – similar play style

Has surpass Hijacked as my favorite map, mostly because Hijacked has grown a little stale based on how frequently it seems to get played. This map doesn’t have any places where snipers frequent, which is a major plus. There are some choke points, which I typically don’t like, but I like the aesthetics of this map, especially how bright it is. It’s not too big, but because of the way it’s laid out and where people frequent, there aren’t a lot of spawn kills. It has a lot of excellent places for Bouncing Bettys. The best part is that there is only one level, so no kills from above.

2. Hijacked

Previously: 1st
Reminds me of…Nuketown – mostly from a play style perspective

Hijacked seems to be the most popular map so far. It almost always gets picked when available and then immediately replayed. It’s easily the smallest map, and leads to intense games with lots of quick deaths. The most annoying part of this map is how quickly the spawns tend to flip, leading to being outmatched without notice, and many, many spawn kills. The four high vantage points always result in someone camping and picking people off. It’s definitely a fun map though.

3. Cargo

Previously: 4th
Reminds me of…Lockdown – play style

Fun map that supports different play styles. There are some places for sniping, but it’s easy enough to flank pretty much any location. This map is spread out enough there isn’t much spawn killing, but not too spread out that games go slow. Like most maps, I prefer to stay out of the middle, which can put you in a shooting gallery if you aren’t careful. This map looks really good, and is probably one of my favorite looking maps ever.

4. Aftermath

Previously: 3rd
Reminds me of…Downturn – aesthetics

This map can be good if there isn’t too much sniping. Both ends of the map offer good places for sniping, and usually you will get one or two people who are. This map offers some exciting battles in the middle, but it can get tough in some of the dark rooms. I don’t know why I like this map so much because a lot about it are things I don’t like. But it looks really great and I just like playing it.

5. Overflow

Previously: 6th
Reminds me of…Grid – play style

Much like Grid, there is a middle area that is covered from above on both sides, but also ways to go all the way around the map without running through the middle area. There is some sniping here, but it’s easy to avoid by staying out of the street. The long hallways leads to great battles and plenty of places for grenade throws. Not a great map for air support because its so easy to duck inside. Lots of tight corners on this one too.

6. Turbine

Previously: 5th
Reminds me of…Afghan – play style and aesthetics

This map has been dropping on my list of favorites the more I play it. One problem is that the games go very slow and rarely reach the score limit. You spend a lot of time running around trying to find/reach the other team, which can at times get frustrating. There is some sniping that happens, but because of the way the Ghost perk works now, it’s very difficult to stay in one place for very long. This map is definitely the category of either really fun, or really not fun.

7. Standoff

Previously: 9th
Reminds me of…Fallen – play style

Standoff is not a huge map, but has four different buildings with lower and upper levels. This leads to a lot of quick deaths. There aren’t a ton of long sight lines, but there is still a decent amount of sniping that happens. The spawns flip on this map quickly and as a result it’s very difficult to get a care package. Not a fun map on death match becomes there are lots of good spots to just camp and wait, but a pretty good one on Kill Confirmed.

8. Raid

Previously: 8th
Reminds me of…Resistance – play style

Basically three paths to take on this one. Both of the outsides lend themselves to snipers from either end of the map. The middle can have some sniping but mostly leads to intense firefights in the middle courtyard which can be entered from four sides. I enjoyed this map for a while, but it’s not as fun as it used to be. Too many long corridors and another map where the spawns flip quickly leading to some brutal games.

9. Plaza

Previously: 7th
Reminds me of…Hanoi – aesthetics

A very different map, which lots of varying levels all scattered about. This map might have the most different areas in one map of any in this game. There are so many different rooms and levels, and the dark sky makes this map difficult to take out UAVs. A very hit or miss map on whether it’s a good game or not. I have had some luck though.

10. Express

Previously: 11th
Reminds me of…Interchange – play style

Don’t really like this one, but it’s not the worst. Most of the action happens in the middle, either right under the overhang in the station or around the elevated little room in the middle.Other than hanging in the middle building there really isn’t anyway to snipe on this one. The battles are usually quick and intense. The downsides to this map have to do a lot with the limited amount outside area, which makes care packages and other score streaks difficult to use.

11. Yemen

Previously: 10th
Reminds me of…Bakaara – Aesthetics and play style

Lots of annoying hiding spots. Lots of annoying sniper spots. No favorite places to go. I don’t feel like this map comes up that much, or in theory it would be lower. If Ghost worked the way it used to, this would be a major camping map.

12. Meltdown

Previously: 13th
Reminds me of…Launch – Aesthetics

Lots of windows and place for camping. There is 100% chance people will be sniping in the far windows of this map. I prefer my maps to be a single level1, as opposed to lots of windows. There are also lots of choke points and places where people blend in to the background. It’s only OK for air support too and doesn’t lend itself all that well to care packages.

13. Drone

Previously: 12th
Reminds me of…Resistance – Play style

One of the most annoying maps in the game. Lots and lots of elevated places. Lots of stairs. Lots of corners. A few long sight lines for sniping. This is a classic case of “no where fun to go”. Running down the middle exposes players to a sniper either on the helipad or in the shrubbery, as well as people in windows on either side. Going inside often leads to campers in corners or inside windows.

14. Carrier

Previously: 14th
Reminds me of…Wasteland? – Play style

Hard to find a good comparison here, but tho snap is awful. Chris argues that it’s fun if no one is sniping, but that’s like saying french fries would be good for you if they weren’t fried. This map inevitably results in multiple snipers, and because the middle is big and open (this map is mostly one level) it’s difficult to run out without getting sniped. Because of the dark grey color of the map, it’ also easy for players to hide. Overall this is easily my least favorite map.

  1. Again, this is probably why Slums is my favorite []