Comiskey Park Was Almost In the Loop

67WMAQ for South Side Sox on what almost was new Comiskey Park:

Reinsdorf had a friend in Mayor Harold Washington. The mayor wanted to build a shared football and baseball stadium at Clark and Roosevelt. The stadium would have moveable grandstands that could roll around like pieces of a giant pie. The Sox were interested in the taxpayer funded stadium, but they were not interested in footing the bill for the infrastructure that would make it a reality.

I always knew the White Sox almost moved to Florida in the 1980s. I also had heard someone propose that when the Bears were renovating Soldier Field, a great switcheroo would have been to switch locations with the White Sox. This involved building the retro-style ballpark that should have been (and now that US Cellular more resembles) where Soldier Field is, and building a brand new state of the art stadium for football where US Cellular is.

The theory was that the Bears will pack the house wherever they play, and the parking lots (or area around US Cellular) were much more conducive to tailgating that the limited parking near Solider Field. And if the White Sox played closer to downtown, they might draw more fans than playing a few train stops away.

I think this would have been an interesting move, and will be always be a great “what if”. Getting to Bears games is a pretty horrible experience, and I think if I had to get there 20 times a year I would hate it. It likely would have most benefited Bears fans, who would have an easier time getting to 35th and Shields (especially with Sunday traffic) and would have more room to tailgate.

Read that article linked to above though, it’s really a really tremendous look at what could have been.