Cubs Leave StubHub

Ameet Sachdev about a month ago for the Chicago Tribune:

StubHub on Monday announced the renewal of a revenue-sharing agreement with the league that started in 2007. A spokesman for the reseller also noted that the Cubs, New York Yankees and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim were not included in the contract.

Cubs spokesman Julian Green declined to comment on why the Cubs chose not to participate in the latest deal with StubHub. He said the Cubs are exploring options for a centralized electronic system where fans can exchange tickets.

Not sure what to think about this. StubHub has become most people’s first stop for tickets, not being on there is probably going to confuse many people. But StubHub isn’t like window shopping when it come to sports tickets, it’ not as if people are going to come looking for Cubs tickets, not find them, and get Brewers’ tickets instead. So from a ticket buyer perspective, it’ not likely to hurt things too badly.

But for sellers, this is a big deal. StubHub allows people to take the money and do what they want with it, most of these team-run services for sellers to put the money back into more tickets, or at least make that the easiest way. It also gives the team a lot more control and vision into sales and will allow them to more easily manipulate their own ticket selling to take advantage of things.

At the end of the day, this is a somewhat desperate move by a team that is likely going to have continued ticket sale issues over the next few years.