Jeff Garlin’s New Podcast

Jeff Garlin, of Curb Your Enthusiam fame, has started a podcast, By the Way In Conversation. Garlin is a native Chicagoan and made a movie there called I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With, which I thoroughly enjoyed. He is an improv master and has always been a huge part of Curb. When you start a podcast, the best idea is to grab your famous friends for the first few episodes. This helps get the show off the ground and create some buzz. If you are Jeff Garlin, the this guy is Larry David.

Larry David should need no introduction, but in case you are unaware, he helped create Seinfeld with Jerry and was the basis for the George character. Many of the early George story lines were actual things that David had experienced1. He later went on to do the aforementioned Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The podcast format is a little bit different. It’s recorded in a theater with a live audience. Garlin and his guest are up on stage having a conversation with microphones nearby recording the performance. This doesn’t work out so well though.

The audio quality is a little weak, this happens in a big room when you aren’t close enough to the microphones. I suspect that aspect of things can and will be fixed down the road. Most of the show is audible, but for such high profile people you expect the quality to be a bit better.

The other issue, is the illusion the setup gives to the guest. Even though there is a microphone, the stage and audience make it seem like less of a podcast and more of a talk show. As a result, David does a lot of visual things. He has non-audible reactions. He gets up at one point to demonstrate something, and it’s clear that gestures and actions are part of the humor. There was also a Q+A section at the end, and while Garlin repeated most of the questions, it wasn’t great.

Overall, it was entertaining. David and Garlin have a great rapport with each other, and David is such an unique and somewhat insane person that you can’t help but be amused. David’s humor is extremely funny to me, and at times I think he is a much more exaggerated version of me.

This podcast has a lot of potential, and if you are a fan of Garlin, I am sure it will entertain. I doubt I will check it out unless he has someone else on I like, but I will keep tabs on it. I really hope that the the audio quality improves though.

  1. Sometimes exaggerated, sometime not []