TechCrunch Brings Back Anonymous Commenting

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But we eventually discovered that our anti-troll tactic worked too well; The bullies and asshats left our comments sections, but so did everyone else. Now, several years later, after dozens of endless meetings and conference calls, we’ve decided we’re going to try out Livefyre instead of Facebook Comments.

Frankly, our trial with Facebook Comments lasted way too long at too steep of a cost. Sure, Facebook Comments drove extra traffic to the site, but the vast majority of our readers clearly do not feel the system is worthy of their interaction.

I call BS. The commenters went away because 95% of the people who comment on the internet only do it because it’s anonymous and/or they can be jerks. As soon as you take away anonymity again, that’s the end of it. This seemed like an obvious outcome, which is why, as they say later in the article that most sites have given up on comments all together.