Dreading the Apple Store

This post refers to macworld.com

Scott McNulty on visiting the Apple Store:

Here’s the thing, though: All the Apple Store employees are overwhelmed helping the myriad folks browsing and asking questions. When I walk in with a mission to purchase a Lightning cable, I must push my way through the crowds to the corner of the store and grab the cable. Now the fun begins: I need to track down an Apple store employee who isn’t engaged with a customer. In the past I’ve actually abandoned the whole thing and left the store without buying the cable. My ever-clever wife has come up with a solution for this problem though: She simply raises her hand. This is surprisingly effective in summoning an Apple Store employee over the general hubbub of the store.

Totally nailed it. I used to love going to the Apple Store. Rarely was I ever hoping to buy something, but when I was, it was relatively easy. Now I dread going there. I don’t really enjoy going to any store anymore. I have reached the point where I buy as much as I can online, and if it wasn’t for things like groceries I would probably avoid it altogether1. On the occasion I am near an Apple store, and pop in, it’s a zoo.

The things I would like to see are often blocked by people doing personal things, like McNulty mentions, or by people attending “classes” or 1 to 1 training. I understand what Apple is trying to do here, but many of these stores have recently been remodeled. Is there any reason they couldn’t have built a dedicated area for this, instead of blocking access to their own products?

It’s likely that like everything else, Apple just doesn’t care. They get immense amounts of foot traffic in their stores, they sell products at insane rates and they show no signs of slowing up. My advice is to buy online whenever possible, and leave the store to the rest of them.

  1. I realize you can buy groceries online, but it’s not as cheap and convenient as other things []