Sympathy For Miami Marlins Fans

The Associated Press via on the Miami Marlins:

The Marlins will eventually spend again, and they want to sign precocious slugger Giancarlo Stanton to a multiyear contract, [Marlins owner] Loria said. He said he understands why fans are upset but hopes they will embrace this year’s young, unproven team, which many expect to lose 100 games.

No kidding they are upset. I would be furious. I understand this team stunk, and attendance was terrible, but this whole winter was the ultimate middle finger to both the fans and the city. The Marlins have won two World Series in their 20 seasons of existence. Multiple fire sales occurred during this time and they bounced back. So if any franchise could claim they know what they are doing, it’s Miami. Loria was in second year of ownership when the team won their second World Series. Of course he was also the guy that was greatly responsible for the Expos crashing and burning in Montreal and being moved to Washington D.C.

I have been pretty lucky that the White Sox haven’t totally packed it in and “rebuilt” during my adult life. The “white flag” trade of 1997 is as close as they came, and even that was probably overblown in retrospect. But if my team threw in the towel this soon after fleecing taxpayers out of money for a stadium, and then traded all of the stars I would be more than “upset”.

As a season ticket holder, I pay a lot of money each year to see my team play in person. Luckily for me during this time the White Sox have at least been semi-competitive. If they reached the lows of the Marlins I would be gone in a second. Owners like Loria would call me disloyal, but just like him, it’s about the money. I am not paying a hundred dollars to sit in the stands and watch a 100-loss team. And I don’t blame the Marlins’ fans if they feel the same way.