Twitterrific’s Brilliant Method For Muting

Iconfactory broke out Twitterrific 5.1 last week and made a video showing off it’s new features. One of these new features is the ability to “Muffle”, which is twist on the “mute” feature that many other clients have. When I wrote about Twitterrific a couple of weeks ago I said that one of the features Tweetbot had that made me prefer it was muting. Tweetbot’s muting has a plethora of options. First, muting can be based on a specific user, a hash tag or keywords, which includes regular expressions. The duration of this muting is selectable as well, either one day, one week, one month or forever.

Twitterrific takes a new approach, which is likely why they refer to it as muffling instead of muting. The video demonstrates this feature, which basically collapses tweets that were muffled. This is genius.

I often mute things on Tweetbot. Mostly hashtags, but sometimes users who are on a tweet binge, or keywords on nights like the Oscars. But I never know if I am missing something. And to be honest, there are some people who’s tweets I would love to ready even if I muted a hashtag or keyword they tweet. Having the ability to have an exception to muting would be nice, and this muffling feature is the next best thing.

Iconfactory’s Twitterrific was one of the original Twitter clients. A lot of what they did became the norm for those that followed. I expect the same here. This type of muting is just too great of a feature for other people not to copy. If they fix some of the other downsides to Twitterrific they will definitely be on the road to winning me back.