Nobody Cares About Your Bracket

The NCAA tournament starts this week. Some people view the first weekend of the tournament as the best weekend in sports. Others consider it to be the best four-day span of the sports year. Some will even tell you Thursday or Friday is the best day of sports for the whole year. What is universal though, is people filling out a bracket for an NCAA tournament pool. In the same way that fantasy football turn the NFL’s popularity and took it to another level, gambling on the NCAA tournament has done the same. There is something else they both share though, no one else cares about your bracket/team.

Everyone fills out a bracket these days. It’s not just for hardcore fans or degenerate gamblers. One does not even need to know very much about the current college basketball season to take a stab at things. Most of the time the person that wins is not the person that is most knowledgeable about college basketball. Because the tournament often lives up to it’s “madness” nickname, it’s almost always more about luck than skill. And nowadays the “madness” includes people giving you a blow by blow of who they picked and didn’t pick. When teams like Davidson in 2008, or Ohio University last year make runs, people love to talk about how they had them winning a round or two. When they pick Duke to win and they go down in the second round, they tell everyone about how their bracket is “busted”.

The problem is that nobody cares. In the same way that no one cares how you lost your fantasy week because Jake Locker ran a TD in on a sneak instead of handing it off to Chris Johnson. So this week, and next, keep your bracket highs/lows to yourself because even if they won’t tell you, I will, no one cares! If you win it all three weeks from now, scream it from the rooftops, but until then, keep it to yourself.