Pygmy Reviews #22 – iOS Apps

Goal Streaks ($3.99 – Universal)

One Line Description: App for tracking frequency of accomplishing goals to encourage productivity.

This app is based on the “Seinfeld method”, otherwise referred to as “don’t break the chain.” In this app a user creates a category and specifies the goal of frequency for a particular task and then marks off on the calendar when the task is performed. The idea being to string together as many as possible. I had previously used Streaks to accomplish the same thing. Streaks shows each different task as a separate monthly calendar, which is a nice view, but it’s not the view you need to see every day. It has some limitations that Goal Streaks cleverly works around.

Goal Streaks allows the user to specify specific days each week for a task to be performed, and also allows non-specific day recurrence, “three times a week” for example. Then a streak is continued if a task is performed three times within a given week. The default view is also a condensed view of multiple goals with a rolling week look instead of an entire month. This is the best iOS implementation of this type of goal tracking application.

Der Kalender Lite (Free – iPhone)

One Line Description: A simplistic calendar application that seems to focus on the next couple of hours.

There is no perfect calendar application the iPhone. Most suffer the fatal flaw of adopting a traditional calendar view where the past is included as well as current and the future. I don’t understand who the developers think needs to know what they did yesterday, as opposed to seeing more into the future. Der Kalender takes a different approach here.

The default view launches with a view of the current hour and about the next five hours. there is pane at the bottom that shows high level snapshots of the next five days as well. The intent here is great. The rest of the execution is lacking though. Scrolling the remainder of the day is smooth and intuitive. Unfortunately this app has only this view and a high level month view. There is no way to zoom in or out of the current day to see more hours. There is no week view. So as good as the intent is for the default view, there just isn’t enough here to warrant long term use.

And for those wondering, the Lite version is the same as the paid version, but has advertisements.

Week Calendar ($1.99 – iPhone)

One Line Description: A calendar application that focuses on re-creating the week view from the Mac version of iCal.

I have known about Week Calendar for years. I knew that it’s primary purpose was to add a week view that resembles iCal (now called Calendar in OS X) since the iOS version of Calendar has a three-day view but no week view (why, after all this time, I will never understand). For some reason though, I was under the impression that the week view was the only view included, and I was wrong.

This app actually contains many views, including multiple week and month views. The standard week view is definitely the one I prefer, and amazing it fixes the problem I am always griping about, the ability to start the week with the current day. The list view is similar to a view seen in a lot of other calendar applications, including the default Apple one. There are also two month views, one that is a clone of the Apple one and another that show the actual events on the calendar instead of just color dots. The month view I prefer has an option to do rolling weeks/months which puts the current week at the top.

Week Calendar is incredibly customizable. I love lots of options and this application isn’t lacking in available options. It’s almost overwhelming to a point, but I would always rather have more than less. This has become my regular calendar for the iPhone and I see no reason it will cease anytime soon.