2013 MLB Predictions

Everyone else is making MLB predictions, so I might as well too.

(*- Denotes wild card teams)

AL East

  1. Tampa Bay Rays – Good pitching and defense, but some questions on offense.
  2. *Toronto Blue Jays – Big splash offseason. Still no slam dunk.
  3. New York Yankees – Great pitching. Lots of injuries and lineup holes.
  4. Baltimore Orioles – Lucky last season. Improved though. Should be about the same.
  5. Boston Red Sox – Spent a lot of money without getting much better.

AL Central

  1. Detroit Tigers – Rich got richer. Top to bottom best team in AL.
  2. Chicago White Sox – Need to stay healthy, but have solid pitching.
  3. Kansas City Royals – Up and coming. High ceiling/low floor.
  4. Cleveland Indians – Solid signings. Still too many questions.
  5. Minnesota Twins – Long way to go to get back. Time to rebuild?

AL West

  1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – Amazing lineup. Pitching questions.
  2. *Texas Rangers – Underrated offseason. A bit on the decline.
  3. Oakland A’s – Typical A’s offseason. Not a lot of key losses.
  4. Seattle Mariners – Astros keeping them from worst AL record.
  5. Houston Astros – Look out in 2016. Until then…

NL West

  1. Washington Nationals – Full season of Strasburg is huge. Best in NL.
  2. *Atlanta Braves – Great lineup. Potential for great pitching.
  3. Philadelphia Phillies – Should be better, but keep aging.
  4. New York Mets – Can thank the Marlins for keeping them out of last.
  5. Miami Marlins – Could be historically bad.

NL Central

  1. Cincinnati Reds – Well rounded. Votto might be best hitter in baseball.
  2. St. Louis Cardinals – Aging lineup. Health questions.
  3. Milwaukee Brewers – High ceiling team with a lot of questions.
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates – Not quite ready to take the leap.
  5. Chicago Cubs – Growing, but still bad.

NL West

  1. San Francisco Giants – Elite pitching staff. Top 5 player in Posey.
  2. *Los Angeles Dodgers – Lots of hype. Could bust if things don’t break right.
  3. Arizona Diamondbacks – Underrated pitching staff. No lineup standouts.
  4. Colorado Rockies – Solid lineup, but as always questions in rotation.
  5. San Diego Padres – Decent all around, but still growing.



Tigers over Angels – Could be high scoring.


Nationals over Giants – Should be an epic series.

World Series

Tigers over Nationals – Tigers rotation is just too good.

Five Crazy Predictions

  1. The Tigers are the first team to win 106 games since the 2001 Seattle Mariners
  2. Stolen bases take off and someone steals 80 for the first time since 1988.
  3. At least three teams lose 100 games.
  4. Both the Yankees and Red Sox miss the playoffs for first time since 1997.
  5. Tampa sweeps the AL awards (MVP-Longoria, Cy-David Price, ROTY-Will Myers).