Gadget Stands

The HiRise iPhone/iPad stand from Twelve South is amazingly sharp looking. It needs a user supplied cable, and it supposedly can work with cases on both phones and iPads. Twelve South makes some great products, including the BookArc which my MacBook Air is sitting in right now. I have an iPhone 4S, which doesn’t have the Lightning connector, so I am waiting to pull the trigger until my next iPhone, which should be sometime in October if the rumors are true. I don’t see Apple moving away from the Lightning connector, especially since they stuck with the 30-pin connector for so long, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Anyone looking for a cheaper, more portable option should check out AmazonBasics Portable Fold-Up Travel Stand. It’s under $10, folds up pretty compactly and is surprisingly solid and stable. Because the legs and neck both have set positions it’s can’t literally be put in any position, but there is enough of a variety that it should work well with most tablets1. When folded up, it’s probably the size of an awkwardly shaped TV remote, and could easily fit in most tablet bags.

As for a cheap, DIY iPhone stand, I have actually built a couple of them out of LEGOs that I have from my childhood. It doesn’t take many pieces and you can build it to fit your needs. You can build ones with slots for cables, or not. And if you are really hardcore you can probably build a cable right into one. Either way, it’s an nice nerdy touch that would look fine on most people’s desks, end tables, etc.


  1. I use it exclusively with my iPad Mini []