New Xbox Reputation System

Euro Game has the scoop on the Xbox One reputation system:

Players who enjoy abusing others will gradually find themselves only being paired up with others of a similar poor reputation – a hive of scum and villainy that better behaved players will be separated from.

This isn’t a new story, but one I failed to comment on earlier. This is really good news. It’s kind of amazing it has taken this long for Microsoft to try and rectify it, and it would seem to indicate that the old system really did nothing. Microsoft has let this go on entirely too long, to the point where it seemed like it had just become “part of the experience”.

Anyone who has played Call of Duty online knows that if you have strangers unmuted that you will hear racial and homosexual slurs 90% of the time you are playing. When you couple that with people utilizing cheap, and annoying game tactics, sometimes there is just no fun left to be had.

I have always wondered who these people are who do this stuff. Are they all teenagers? They don’t always sound like they are. If they are college students, or adults, do they really talk like that all the time? Or is this yet another case of hiding behind the anonymity of the internet to be a horrible, hateful person? And if it’s that, do these people actually feel the way that they do, or do they just do this because they think it’s “cool” or because they want to annoy other people?

My suspicion is that this new system will not encourage many people to stop the horrible things they do, but hopefully it will at least deliver on it’s promise to keep them out of games with people who aren’t acting that way.