Where Are the Classic Nintendo Games on iOS?

Ben Kuchera talking about emulating classic games:

I turned on my Wii U to see what the official selection from Nintendo looked like. After waiting to connect to the online store, and then going through the painful menu system I found 27 classic games for sale. That is the total amount of classic Nintendo content I can purchase through official channels. Nintendo isn’t losing sales to the OUYA and other consoles that make emulation an easy, free option. They’re losing to themselves.

What Nintendo is doing here makes absolutely no sense. If the state of the emulator world is any indication, it can’t be that hard to create the software necessary to drive older Nintendo games. And if a bunch of guys can do it for free, and without access to Nintendo itself, then the gaming giant shouldn’t require much work to do the same thing. They made a ton games available on the first Wii’s virtual console (757 if their website) is to be believed). That same site lists none for the Wii U, but Kuchera said otherwise. That’s not the point here though.

Why isn’t Nintendo taking advantage of what would be a gigantic market for these games? Why is everyone of them not available on Wii U, DS, and more importantly Android and iOS? If Nintendo put out a virtual console app for iOS they would get a ton of money from a lot of people. At $5 a pop, could you imagine what they could make on games like Super Mario World?

It’s safe to assume that the decision to do this is to keep people buying things like the DS and Wii U, but so many people aren’t willing to go that distance, so why is Nintendo throwing away free money? If I was a stockholder, or board member I would be asking this question of a company that some see is on the verge of fading as a hardware maker.