First Overall Pick Watch – Week 8

A new weekly feature where college and pro football meet, the NFL draft. 10 of last 11 teams who got the first overall pick have finished with 2 or fewer wins. There is no reason to think this year will be any different.

Say Good-Bye

These teams got their third win this past week:

  • Oakland Raiders

Somethings Gotta Give

No games feature two teams with exactly two wins this week.

Still Alive

8 teams still have two wins or less. Wins are in parenthesis. Games listed are against other teams on this list.

  • Atlanta Falcons (2) – @TB, WSH
  • Houston Texans (2) – JAX, @JAC
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (0) – @HOU, HOU
  • Minnesota Vikings (1) – WASH
  • New York Giants (2) – @WASH, WASH
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (2) – none
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0) – ATL
  • Washington Redskins (2) – @MIN, NYG, @ATL, @NYG

The Front Runner

The state of Florida continues to just own these rankings. Now Jacksonville and Tampa Bay are the only two teams with no wins, the Vikings are the only other team with one win. The Vikings have the Cowboys this week, which is a winnable game and a chance for them to add some distance. The Falcons play the Panthers and the Redskins are at home against the Chargers, so both have a chance to win, but Atlanta looks pretty bad. Jacksonville has a bye, but Tampa is playing a virtual guaranteed loss at Seattle, so they should have sole possession of the lead next week.(ed- B-Bo pointed out to me that Tampa already had their bye so they would be tied.)