Super Troopers 2 is Coming

With the news that Super Troopers 2 is coming, is it time to get excited or not?

The original Super Troopers remains of my all-time favorite movies. I have vivid memories of not only watching it over and over again in college, but reciting lines from it constantly, even today. The movie was created by a 5-man comedy troop called Broken Lizard. Their next movie after Super Troopers was Club Dead, a take on a slasher movie based in a resort owned and operated by a Jimmy Buffet knockoff played by Bill Paxton. It had it’s moments but overall it was a letdown. Their next attempt was Beerfest, a movie about two brothers who try to win a Octoberfest based drinking competition. It was definitely a step up from Club Dread, but still no Super Troopers. Their 2009 film, Slammin’ Salmon is a movie I just saw this year. It was pretty awful.

Now 12 years removed from their breakout hit, and four years removed from their last movie at all, they are going back to where it started. It is nearly impossible to predict how this one will turn out. Releasing a comedy sequel 13 years later is a tall order. This convenient list from Wikipedia lists all the sequels with at least 13 years in between them. Is there a single good movie on there? The Color of Money is probably the one that comes closest.

As a result, my expectations are low. For nostalgia purposes, I will be required to see this one in the theater, but expectations are low. Making a comedy sequel is difficult. With this big of a gap, fans that loved the first one have possibly grown out of the humor. And younger fans don’t have the nostalgia needed to appreciate the latest. Unlike American Reunion, whose target audience was at the right age to relate to the current status of the characters,thi one is going to struggle to find it’s place. Let’s hope I am wrong though.