Too Soon to Get Excited About Comcast’s Cheap HBO Plan

Leslie Horn of Gizmodo wrote a month back about Comcast’s cheap HBO cable plan:

Comcast is testing an offering called Internet Plus, which gives you broadcast TV, video-on-demand, HBO and HBO Go, access to Streampix (Comcast’s version of Netflix), and 25Mbps broadband for $40 or $50 a month, depending on what market you’re in. It’s worth noting that the price goes up to $70 and $80 after a year. The one thing you’re missing is live sports on ESPN and TNT, and ESPN a la carte would probably cost at least another $10 a month, were it ever to exist.

Lot’s of people went “YES! FINALLY!” but the small print will get you here. $70–80 after a year is interesting, and it seems likely that this deal locks you into more than one year, but I suppose it’s a short term solution. If a person already has Comcast for internet, or wants to use internet through Comcast, this is probably a pretty good deal. It’s probably the cheapest way to get HBO Go, so that might get people to sign up.

It’s this part of a larger trend? It’s early to say, since it’s just one package from one provider. And it’s possible Comcast is just dipping their toe in the water to see how many people like this. Too early to get excited though, cord cutters.