A Ridiculous Case for More Call of Duty Stats

I am an unabashed stats nerd. I pored over baseball stats as a kid. I still pore over them as an adult. The analytical/scientific side of me dominates, and I put a lot of stock in statistics. Combine that with my borderline obsession with the Call of Duty games and I become thirty for anything and every thing.

Stats have been around in the Call of Duty games for years now. Kills and deaths, and the ratio of, has always been a core first person shooter (FPS) statistic. Wins and losses are useless to a certain extent, as is accuracy. Call of Duty Elite was launched as part of Call of Duty: Black Ops and offereded an online way to view player stats. Call of Duty: Black Ops also appeared to include the deepest set of in-game statistics to date. Infinity Ward, whom publishes the Modern Warfare and the recent Ghosts version of the game, has never taken much interest in advanced statistics. But it really does not make sense why. The data is there, and readily available, and certainly couldn’t cost that much to store and server, particularly with the Elite infrastructure already in place.

With the right statistics though, not only could a player get major insight into how they play, but also what works and what doesn’t. The possibilities are truly endless. Currently, Call of Duty: Ghosts offers the standard kills/deaths/accuracy stats for each weapon, but why not offer those stats for each weapon with each combination of attachments? Perks are a great example of missing statistics. How about kill/death ratio (K/D) with each perk and combination there of. Maybe a person thinks they need a certain perk, but they check the stats it turns on it doesn’t affect their ability at all. Killstreak stats would be massively useful. The higher point killstreaks don’t happen for most players very often. It would make a lot of sense to figure out how many kills on average the Battle Hind produces. That way a person can determine if they are better off using the Sentry Gun, which they could get more often.

Map stats would also be useful. Players have the chance to vote between two maps in between each game. If the player’s K/D was displayed next to each of these maps it might provide insight into which map they are actually better on. How about heat maps showing kills and deaths? They could also show kills and death not involving that player. That way the player can figure out what spots are good for kills that they are missing out on. Also, seeing their own heat map would show places they should start avoiding or be more cautious at.

These statistics are not going to completely transform a player from bad to great, but they would make enough of an impact if used correctly to give most players a nice boost. All of this discussion is a useless over the top exercise for certain. And most players are probably completely uninterested in this feature. But this information is worth money to some people, like me, who would probably pay $20-$50 for access to this. And all of the stats are there, just waiting for someone to monetize it.