The Year of Rock – Part 3

At the recommendation of my dad and another friend, I am planning to rectify the gap in my musical movie/documentary viewing history. I will be watching at least a dozen movies or documentaries about rock music this year. I will be blogging about these as I go. The plan is to watch one per month, but that won’t always happen.

Gimme Shelter

A documentary that focus on the Rolling Stones 1969 concert at Altamont Speedway, known mostly for the disaster if became. My knowledge of this concert was extremely limited, I was aware that the Hells Angels were hired to provide security, but had no idea it was a giant show that some dubbed “Woodstock West” and ended up having 300,000 people in attendance. This documentary was very interesting and focused mostly on the lead up to the concert and the back and forth dealmaking that had to happen. The Hells Angels portion wasn’t even mentioned leading up to the concert, and did not even seem to be acknowledged accept in footage of them providing security. It was interesting, but probably isn’t all that useful for people who don’t know the story going in.

Yellow Submarine

In part 2, I watch The Beatles movie Help!. I struggled to make it through to the end and found it be very disappointing, with the music being the lone highlight. I decided to watch Yellow Submarine because it’s easy to find, but this was impossible to watch. I can only assume that this requires some sort of “substance” to be enjoyed correctly. I only made it 30 minutes in before I threw in the towel.


The Who’s second rock opera Quadrophenia is spectacular. Unlike Tommy though, I had never heard anyone talk much about this movie. It’s easy to understand why, as it doesn’t really follow the movie, and it’s not even a musical. A good chunk of the album is included, but mostly in bits and not in the totally correct order. The movie itself was mostly disappointing and if it wasn’t for The Who tie-in I don’t know why anyone would watch this movie.