Declaring Nuclear Winter On My Podcast Queue

My digital hoarding of podcasts continues to spiral out of control. As of now, my podcast queue is over 200 episodes deep.

Downcast queue

Some of these are over a year old. Most are at least a month old. That number in the red bubble has only grown over the last 6 months. I continually tell myself that I will someday get caught up. But with 265 hours of content, if I didn’t download a single new episode from this point forward, it would take me about 2 months of listening about my average amount each day to get through just the backlog.

Other than the fact that I am constantly staring at that number and wondering if it will every go away, I am also not really trying any new podcast because my current list is already so long. I knew I needed a strategy so get back on track, and while I have never been a fan of the nuclear option, it make a lot of sense here.

The crux of the plan is that I will blow everything I currently have away, and start with just a single podcast. When I run out of new episodes and I need to fill some podcast time, I will subcribe to something new. And so on the strategy goes, only subscribe to a podcast when there is literally nothing to listen to. This should do a much better of job of making sure that I am not missing the shows I care about not, but also not listening to year old episodes either.

One twist I am going to implement is that one out of every 5 podcasts I subscribe to must be something that I haven’t already been subscribed to. That way I an ensure that I am being exposed to new stuff.

The first selection is an obvious one, the BS Report with Bill Simmons is my favorite podcast. I am an unabashed Bill Simmons’ fanboy and enjoy the cross between pop culture and sports that he covers.

I will post more updates on my progress as I go.