Pygmy Reviews #32 – New Kraft Mac and Cheese Varieties


Buffalo Cheddar

I love Buffalo flavored things. Not just wings, but pretty much anything. Chris and I love Buffalo Chicken Dip (this recipe), and since I am known to put hot sauce on my macaroni and cheese from time to time Kraft’s new Buffalo Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese was right up my alley. First off, the noodles are a little bigger than usual, and shaped more like the elbows you buy in regular pasta form rather than the weird skinny tubes that come with regular Kraft. The size of the box is the small 5.5 oz variety that all of the shapes and other flavors come in as opposed to the 7.25 oz box that the regular flavor comes in. It also costs a bit more, so you are definitely paying for this flavor.

As for the taste, it has burn of a burning taste to it than what I would consider Buffalo. It’s kind of a pleasant burning, but one that could likely be accomplished by just asking hot sauce to regular mac and cheese. The bigger noodles are great, and it would be awesome if they used these noodles elsewhere in their product line. It’s likely that adding Buffalo sauce to a regular box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese would elicit a better Buffalo flavor, and for less money.

Southwest Chipotle

This one had a smokey flavor that reminded me some of barbecue potato chips. It also had the thick noodles, the same size box and the same increased price. One thing that is certain about these special flavors so far is that the flavors they come with are very strong. There is nothing subtle about the flavor and that is a good thing, as sometimes products like this tend to be too subtle. While the buffalo one didn’t necessarily taste like buffalo, this one tastes most closely to what I expected. But again, it’s probably reproducible if you know what goes on barbecue chips.

Herb Alfredo

This one is different because it’s not the traditional macaroni and cheese. It’s not the first boxed alfredo and macaroni. Both Roundy’s and Annie’s make one. I have had the Roundy’s one before and the taste is almost exactly the same. It’s not like Fettucini Alfredo because like most of these boxed dinners the sauce is just there to coat the pasta more than drown it. The herb flavor is very strong, bordering on overpowering. It was good, and Mrs. Hippo’s favorite of the bunch. It was good because it was so different, but also isn’t something I would want as frequently as something closer to the regular flavor.

Three Cheese Jalapeno

The last one we tried, and by this time the “hot” flavoring is definitely familiar. This one was very similar to Chipotle Southwest but without the bit of smokiness. For me personally, that is a plus. It was tasty, with a bit of kick, but didn’t really taste like jalapeno at all, just kind of that “my throat is burning” feeling.

That sums these new flavors up perfectly. With the exception of Herb Alfredo, the other three seemed to just have a burning sensation that was vaguely like the flavor they were meant to represent, but ultimately weren’t. The bigger noodles are nice, but the premium price isn’t worth it. Most people would be better off buying the standard variety, then adding buffalo sauce or hot sauce or chilli powder or jalapeno peppers instead.