Pygmy Reviews #33 – Movies

Lone Survivor (2014)

One Line Description: A group of soldiers have to fight their way of an ambush in Afghanistan.

Based on a true story, this one is directed by Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, Hancock) and has a familiar feel to it. The inclusion of both Taylor Kitsch, certain music and the way shots are framed, it feels like you are watching a Tim Riggins’ spin-off movie. The element of surprise as far as plot goes is ruined completely by the movie’s title and the first post-opening credits scene, but it’s still an exciting action/war movie. It was not as much of a nailbiter as Argo, nor were the battle scenes as emotional as the last 40 minutes of Zero Dark Thirty. I also don’t think it was a more enjoyable movie than Black Hawk Down, but it was good, and more importantly Taylor Kitsch got a much-needed boost.

Man on Fire (2004)

One Line Description: A former CIA agent becomes the personal protector of an affluent child loving abroad.

Denzel plays characters like no one else. He presents a calm, cool dude no matter what the situation entails. Sometimes it really works, like in Unstoppable1, but in this one he’s just a bit too cool to sell it. A 13-year old Dakota Fanning carries herself like a pro but overall the story was pretty weak. Overall this is a pretty bland action movie that I can’t imagine watching again.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

One Line Description: Yet another story of Robin Hood returning from the Crusades to fight off usurping Prince John and the Sheriff of Noddingham.

Kevin Costner played the title role in this movie that I have never heard anyone talk about. After watching it, it’s easy to see why. It has a definite early-’90s feel to it, and has the same kind of look and feel of Braveheart. That aesthetic can best be described as “pre-CGI”, which makes this movie feel ancient. But on top of that, it’s just not that good. The story isn’t anything special and Costner doesn’t give the greatest portrayal of Robin Hood. The most interesting aspect was how clear it was that Robin Hood: Men in Tights specifically spoofed this movie almost completely. I’d rather watch Errol Flynn’s portrayal in The Adventures of Robin Hood or Russell Crowe in the recent Robin Hood than see this again.

Lethal Weapon(1987)

One Line Description: A damaged cop partners up with a family-man cop to hunt a muderor.

This is one of those movies that I would have put on the list of shame at one point. Now if someone asked me about it, I would simply reply ‘meh’. A younger Mel Gibson definitely plays his part well, and this movie fits in with a lot of ’80s action movies quite well. Certainly better than something like RoboCop but definitely not on the same plane as Die Hard. The fact that they made four of these means that it must have been super popular, and I am at least mildly intrigued to see where the sequel goes. I am not a huge Mel Gibson fan, so that fact likely sours this a bunch for me, but if you are a fan of his, this movie should be enjoyable.

The Juror (1996)

One Line Description: A juror is harassed by the crime syndicate involved in the case she is on.

Demi Moore, James Gandolfini, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it seemed great on paper. What I learned from this movie though, is that Demi Moore is not good at acting I always thought she was more than a “movie star” but a I thought back, I don’t remember many of her movies that I enjoyed besides A Few Good Men, and almost none of that is because of her. This is a bad movie. Stay away.

  1. A movie which I enjoyed just because there aren’t enough movies with a train focus []