Pygmy Movies #37 – Movies

Go (1999)

One Line Description: A night of shady drug dealing told from multiple perspectives

I remember this movie coming out, but I don’t think I have ever heard a soul mention it since. That’s why I was surprised to see it had a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes1. I was even more surprised when it lived up to that rating. This movie had a very Pulp Fiction feel to it. It told the story of a night of drug dealing, scamming, violence and other debouchery from several different perspectives. It was entertaining and the multiple angles kept you interested. Timothy Olyphant and Katie Holmes are the biggest names in the cast. I don’t know how this one escaped me all these years, but it was really good. I would see it again.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

One Line Description: A divorcee trying to win back his wife after being released from a mental hospital befriends a widow with her own problems.

Really no excuse for it taking me this long to see this Oscar winning movie. Jennifer Lawrence absolutely brings it in this one. It’s rare a movie with this much hype lives up to it after this much time, but this movie totally did. Cooper was very good, but Lawrence totally owned this thing. The story was good as well, and while I don’t think Robert DeNiro deserved an Oscar nomination, he was very good. It was also good to know that Julia Stiles isn’t dead. I wish she would make more movies. I was always given the impression that this movie had a lot more to do about football than it did, but it was a small side story that could have been a lot of other things. So much what is great about this movie is awkwardness done right. Often times awkward scenes in movies don’t feel genuine. This felt real. A+. Four stars. Two thumb up. So great. Can’t wait to watch it again.

Broken City (2013)

One Line Description: A former cop is suspiciously hired by the mayor of New York to investigate his wife’s infidelity.

This movie also lived up it’s hype…of being crap. At what point do we start talking about Russell Crowe losing his fastball? Are we there? We are at least close. I always enjoy Mark Wahlberg, but you never know when he is going to be Good Mark Wahlberg (Lone Surivor) or Bad Mark Wahlberg (Contraband). This one squarely falls in the second category. Jeffery Wright is the lone bright spot, but he isn’t around enough to matter. Kyle Chandler is around for an even shorter amount of time so he is no help either. The movie seems pretty predictable, but there at least a couple of curveballs thrown in to make you want to see it through to the end, but afterward you wish you hadn’t. Don’t waste your time.

Hyde Park on Hudson (2012)

One Line Description: The story of the summer President Franklin Roosevelt carried on an affair with his cousin while also being visited by the King and Queen of England.

This was the opposite of Go. Surprisingly no hype, horrible Rotten Tomatoes score, awful movie. Bill Murray is a hall of famer. He can chase the championship ring (i.e., an Oscar) that he has never gotten. You can see where diving into this character would turn some heads. But this movie is so excruciatingly bad that he deserved to not even be nominated. I generally enjoy Laura Linney, but even she couldn’t help this one. It’s boring, and while not very long, I still couldn’t make it to the end. Replace Murray and Linney, and make it about some random old guy and this movie goes straight to DVD. Just horrible.

Midnight Run (1988)

One Line Description: A bounty hunter tries to collect a huge fee for bringing in an accountant who is wanted by the mafia and the FBI as well.

Although not on my List of Shame, this is a well known ’80s movie that was entertaining. Very much in the same vein as Beverly Hills Cop, or a super toned down 48 Hours, Robert De Niro’s character is trying to bring Charles Grodin’s character from New York to Los Angeles to collect a bond fee since Grodin jumped bail. Dennis Farina, Joe Pantaliano and Josh Ashton (from Beverly Hills Cop 1 and 2) are also involved. The movie has some funny moments mixed with some action moments, and the pairing of De Niro and Grodin is a nice complement. The story is OK, but the number of times De Niro and Grodin get separated is a little ridiculous after a while since you know they will end up together at the end. Ashton is really great in his role as another bounty hunter trying to capture Grodin. This was a good movie that I would see again, but doesn’t probably need to be.

  1. Good luck finding it without that link. Searching for Go doesn’t turn up that movie until the 4th page of results, behind All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 []