Dropbox Support Woes

Dropbox is a tool used by hundreds of millions of people. They have free and paid accounts, plus higher end business accounts. All signs point to an IPO sooner rather than later. One thing they seem to be lacking though, is quick customer support.

In attempting to setup a new computer, Dropbox was stuck in an early sync state and despite leaving it churn for hours, it never exited that state. After hours of troubleshooting, submitting a support ticket with Dropbox was the only option. This ticket was submitted Sunday morning, at which point a message is presented that indicates paid accounts should expect 24-48 hours. This seems like a lengthy amount of time for paying customers.

The first response came around 24 hours later early morning Pacific time. The response contained straight boilerplate steps from the help section of Dropbox despite an allusion to the fact that these had already been attempted. Despite requests for expedited support directly to the Dropbox Support Twitter account, there was nothing speedy about the response. It was over two days before the next response, which simply stated that my ticket had been re-assigned and was still being investigated.

Ultimately the solution was implemented a little over three days from when the ticket was first opened. It’s clear that Dropbox doesn’t have 24/7 support, which seems odd for a company with 200+M users. In this particular case the problem was not all that complicated and there was almost no back and forth troubleshooting. If that had been the case this could have taken weeks to resolve.

Having a paid membership should produce quicker support responses. For a company this large, whom appears to be planning a public stock offering, whom also has many competitors (many who have cheaper prices), Dropbox sure could improve things. A good way to convince people to pay a premium price is to offer premium service, and that was not the case here. Five days of time to resolve an issue that was probably a simple fix just does not seem all that reasonable.