Pygmy Reviews #38 – iOS Apps

If you are new to Pygmy Reviews, they are short quick reviews of several things of the same type. The name comes from the pygmy hippopotamus

Command+C ($3.99)

One Line Description: Transfer clipboard contents between iOS devices or between iOS and OS X.

This app fills the void that Airdrop leaves since data can’t be transferred between iOS and OS X with Airdrop (still a ridiculous omission). There is a free Mac version to help facilitate the transfer. All of it is done by the devices being on Wi-Fi. This app claims to just transfer things directly without going outside the local network so that is a plus. It works well, and quickly, and has become the best way to quickly get a picture from iOS to OS X.

Smart Glass (Free)

One Line Description: The new Xbox One companion app.

Microsoft has had a SmartGlass app for sometime on the Xbox 360. They released a new companion app for Xbox One, which is kind of annoying. This means anyone who has both systems needs two apps. There shouldn’t be any technical limitation that would keep them from combining the apps really. The new version works pretty well, and is a nice fill-in when voice controls are not working well. It also serves a a good (and probably better) option for checking friends’ current status.

Paper (Free)

One Line Description: A new Facebook app

Facebook decided to go with a totally new design, but did not want to change their existing app (presumably they learned their lesson on that front). So this would appear to be a way to test the waters without blowing things up. It is a much more modern design, and doesn’t resemble the website the way the original app does. The ability to view one update at a time and move between them is a nice touch. Links can finally be saved/copied. It has weirdness, like the zoomed in, scrolling picture view. The app doesn’t do events (yet) and includes other sections for like news and stories from around the web that most people probably aren’t using. Overall, it’s still a cooler experience than the other Facebook app, but it is still incomplete.

Quiz Up (Free)

One Line Description: A online trivia game with lots of different topic choices.

This is a really beautiful trivia application with tons and tons of topics to choose from. TV shows, history, movies and all kinds of other stuff. After a topic is selected, an opponent who wants to play the same topic is matched up. Then ten multiple choice questions are asked and points are awarded for correct answers based on how much time has passed since answers were listed. There are challenges, and players can “level up” in each category. It’s a fun distraction, but it doesn’t take long for questions to get repetitive. And the difficult range is pretty high. Some of the Seinfeld questions were very easy, and others were so ridiculous that only a lucky guess could answer them correctly. For trivia nerds, this one is probably fun, but for casual people this game is probably too much.