Titanfall Guide: Loadouts

Loadouts are absolutely a matter of preference and play style, so you mileage may vary. These are the classes I find myself using most frequently.

Pilot Loadouts

Balanced (Most Used)

  • R-97 Compact SMG w/HCOG and Supressor
  • RE-45 Autopistol
  • Mag Launcher
  • Satchel Charges
  • Cloak
  • Power Cell
  • Minion Detector

The Compact SMG is a pretty versatile weapon although it isn’t great at long range. It’s not horrible either but more often than not it’s better just to shoot some suppressing fire and run away. I tend not to hang back much at all with this class but I try to sneak around a lot which is why the Suppressor and Cloak are important. Power Cell makes Cloak recharge faster which is a bonus, and the Satchel Charges are good against both bots and Pilots and are more predictable than any of the other ordinances. The Mag Launcher is great for a few quick Titan shots and then running away. The Minion Detector is just fun because it’s free points.

Minion Hunter

  • Smart Pistol w/Suppressor Enhanced Targeting
  • R-45 Autopistol
  • Mag Launcher
  • Satchel Charges
  • Cloak
  • Explosives Pack
  • Minion Detector

Not a drastic change from my primary class. The Smart Pistol is an amazing minion killing machine because it can quickly lock on to multiple targets. Chris is making a career out of this strategy. Suppressor or Enhanced Targeting is just a preference thing. One keeps you off radar, the other speeds up targeting which is more important against pilots. Speaking of which, using Explosives Pack increases Satchel Charges from 2 to 3. When using this class my primary pilot weapon is Satchels because the Smart Pistol is so slow against Pilots. Minion Detector is pretty obvious here. If you are looking for a more Pilot friendly version of this class you could substitute the Shotgun for the Smart Pistol.

Long(er) Ranger

  • R-101C Carbine w/Holosights and Extended Mags
  • R-45 Autopistol
  • Charge Rifle
  • Satchel Charges or Arc Mines
  • Active Radar Pulse
  • Explosives Kit
  • Dead Mans Trigger

This is a class I have begun experimenting with. It’s designed for bigger more wide open maps like Training Ground or Lagoon. The idea being to hang back and play a more “camping” game. Anyone adept with a sniper rifle would probably prefer that. The Charge Rifle is great at taking down shields of Titans and be used as a support type thing either for you Auto Titan or friendly Titans. Put Satchel Charges near where you are chilling and when you die Dead Mans Trigger will cause them to explode. Not sure how good this class is long term, but I am trying it.

Titan Loadouts

All Around (most used)

  • Atlas
  • XO-16 Chaingun w/Accelerator
  • Electric Smoke
  • Cluster Missile
  • Fast Autoloader
  • Survivor

This class is designed to be good against both Titans and Pilots. The Chaingun is the best primary weapon against Pilots and is OK against Titans but good for when their shields are down. Electric Smoke is good for getting rid of rodeoing pilots and also is decent against Titans. Cluster Missiles are also good against both Pilot and Titans although since they don’t lock on it’s easy to miss Titans with it. Hitting them generates a big reward though. Fast Autoloaders makes Cluster Missiles ready faster which i good against Titans since the Chaingun needs help. Survivor is the option only because it takes so long to unlock Core Accelerator.

Titan Tank

  • Ogre
  • 40MM Cannon w/Extended Mags
  • Particle Wall
  • Multi-Target Missile System
  • Regen Booster
  • Big Punch

This Titan is built to last long and focus on damaging other Titans. This makes it a good choice for an Auto-Titan as well. The 40MM Cannon is good against Titans and OK against pilots. If you are strictly going to use this as an Auto Titan you might want a harder to use, but strong weapon like the Arc Cannon, Railgun or Quad Rocket. The Ogre is slow so the Particle Wall can create time to retreat or charge up the Shield Booster. The Regen Booster should help it survive longer. Big Punch is probably better used if you are planning to drive it yourself. Otherwise Survivor is probably good.

Minion Hunter

  • Stryder
  • XO-16 Chaingun w/Extended Mags
  • Electric Smoke
  • Cluster Missile
  • Dash Quickcharger
  • Auto-Eject

This is just really an excuse to get a Stryder class on here. But this could be a good Minion hunting Titan on certain maps that are easier to more around in a Titan (Colony, Fracture, Nexus, Training Ground, Demeter). It’s hard to catch a Stryder with anything but a Stryder so the key here would be to avoid other Titans and just dash around the map stepping on Grunts and shooting pilots when you can. The Electric Smoke can act as good cover to get away from other Titans. I haven’t played with this much, but I plan to.