Titanfall Guide: Pilots

After a couple of “ReGens” in Titanfall it seemed like a good time to post a guide based on my personal experiences with the different class options. Obviously everyone’s play style and skill levels differ, so you mileage may vary.

Primary Pilot Weapons

There are 10 primary weapons available eventually. Because Titanfall shows which weapon you were killed by, it’s must easier to determine what is popular amongst other players. The R-101C Carbine seems to be the most popular option, and that makes sense. It’s unlocked early, and it’s the most all-around weapon there is. It is good up close and has decent range. It’s arguably the best weapon in the game for most players. The R-97 Compact SMG is also very popular, and has grown on me significantly as of late. It doesn’t have great range and therefore isn’t a great option for those who like to be up high, or hang back more. But it shoots very fast and wins a lot of up close gunfights. The Smart Pistol MK5 is great for killing grunts and spectres, but is not very good against pilots. This gun is really only good in Attrition for an NPC-focused class.

The EVA-8 Shotgun is also solid for NPCs, but better for pilots than the Smart Pistol. Plenty of damage can be done, but only from close range. The C.A.R. SMG is unlocked late but it’s a pretty solid and popular option as well. It’s hard to figure out if it’s better than the R-97. The G2A4 Rifle is a single shot weapon, and the Hemlok BF-R is a burst fire weapon. Both types of weapons don’t work too well in this game where it takes multiple bursts to record a kill. The Spitfire LMG offers large magazines and nothing else, which isn’t useful since reload deaths don’t see that frequent here. I have never been a sniper guy, but the Longbow-DMR Sniper is popular and does not seem to have much recoil.

Secondary Pilot Weapons

There are three options here. The RE-45 Autopistol is very popular and is a nice complement to the Smart Pistol, shotgun and sniper rifles. It shoots fast and seems to kill at a decent rate. The Hammond P2011 is a standard pistol. The B3 Wingman is a revolver that is powerful but has a small magazine.

Pilot Anti-Titan Weapons

There are four options here. The Sidewinder is a semi-automatic missile launcher. It seems to be the most popular but doesn’t deal a great amount of damage. It is best served for critical hit points when the shields are down. The Mag Launcher is my favorite and launches magnetic grenades that if close enough will stick to the Titan and do damage. It can be fired much better under cover than any other Titan weapon, but it only has five shots before it requires a reload. The Archer Heavy Rocket is pretty popular and does a good amount of damage but it requires a lock-on which takes a lot of time. Because Titans are made aware when and where someone is locking on, this weapon takes luck to get a good hit in. Even more so, the Charge Rifle won’t fire until it’s fully charged, and when it does get fully charged it fires on it’s own, making it tough to hit a moving target. It does a great deal of damage when it connects though.

Pilot Ordinance

There are four options here as well. The Frag Grenade is the most popular and is pretty standard for an FPS game. The Arc Grenade stuns enemies and is great against machines. It kills spectres fast and also stuns Titans, it is a good all-around option. The Arc Mine is a proximity weapon that is dropped on the ground. The maps are so large that this requires and extreme amount of luck to be effective. The Satchel Charge is a remotely detonated bomb that is surprisingly awesome. It is great for clearing out a couple of grunts, and has a surprising large blast radius. When used correctly this is a super valuable option.

Pilot Tactical Ability

These are special abilities that activate for a limited amount of time and then must recharge. There are only three options here, which certainly seems to fit in the very full category of “unfinished” parts of this game. Cloak is the most popular option and makes a pilot nearly invisible. It helps to get across wide open areas or to hide when trying to recover or sneak up on someone. It’s probably the best option for most people. The Stim option makes a pilot faster and makes health regeneration speed up as well. Because players seem to die slower in this game, this isn’t a bad option. If it’s a longer range battle this helps significantly to keep the pilot alive. It seems decently popular. The Active Radar Pulse is the last option and basically creates a wall-hack to show players through walls and other objects. It’s solid, but when a player is in the open it actually makes it harder to see them because the radar pulse creates an outline of a player that is slightly behind where they actually are.

Pilot Kits

Kits are basically the equivalent of Perks from the Call of Duty series. There are two slots with six options each, but some of them are pretty lousy.

The first tier includes the Enhanced Parkour Kit which “increases wallrun and wallhang” abilities. It’s unclear exactly what that means. As someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time doing either, this isn’t very exciting, and to be honest I have never tried it. The Stealth Kit is one of the last unlocks and makes footsteps silent (which is useless because even with a headset it’s almost impossible to hear people coming) and jumpkit exhaust nearly invisible, which also isn’t very useful. The Quick Reload Kit is like sleight of hand from the Call of Duty series, but since reload deaths don’t see that frequent this doesn’t seem that useful.

The Run N Gun Kit allows small weapons to be fired while sprinting. This could be helpful for certain classes but I try not to spring too much so I have never tried it. The Explosives Pack increases ordinance count by one. This is nice when trying to complete challenges but doesn’t do all that much most of the time. Power Cell seems like the obvious choice as it accelerates the recharge of the Pilot Tactical Ability. It seems that having that more frequently is more useful than anything else offered here.

The second tier seems to have even more useless options. Domeshield Battery increases the blue dome shield that protects a titan after it is first dropped. I suppose this is nice if you are a person who doesn’t always immediately want to enter their titan, but that doesn’t seem very useful. The Dead Man’s Trigger auto detonates explosives on death. At first this seemed like the Call of Duty option that basically let you blow yourself when you died. But it turns out this only applies to satchel charges and arc mines that have been deployed but not detonated. It’s possible that this is useful if you chuck a satchel right before death, but it seems like it would so rarely be helpful. The ‘Icepick’ increases the speed which spectres and turrets can be hacked. Seriously? Seriously? Why would anyone use this?

The Guardian Chip makes Auto-Titans more accurate. Auto-Titans are pretty inaccurate normally so this one could be useful especially if you are someone who mostly leaves your Titan in auto mode. Unfortunately it doesn’t unlock until level 49, so if you plan to ReGen every time you won’t get much use out of it. Warpfall Transmitter causes Titans to fall faster when called in. The only use for this would seem to be to complete challenges of dropping a Titan on things. Minion Detector is one of the most useful options because it makes finding cheap points very easy. This is a no-brainer for NPC-focused classes, and it useful for players who have trouble getting pilot kills.

Coming later this week: Titans and class setups